Welcome to Intimate-Escapes

Welcome to Intimate-Escapes

Welcome to Intimate-EscapesWelcome to Intimate-EscapesWelcome to Intimate-Escapes

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Escape Experiences from XXX to Zen!

Escape to Chillax-Inn or Creating-HOPE

We offer Intimate Escape experiences ranging from very Erotic to Just spending time together.  Enjoy our Sexcapades or Yin Yang Escape 

Monthly Date night Escapes - Themes change often. 


Erotic Escapes - Date Night

Escape with your lover - We do this monthly - changing the theme to keep it interesting. Each month we give away an overnight experience 

Check FB and Eventbrite for tickets by Creating-HOPE    $150 a couple 


YIN Yang Escapes

  Escape your mind with our newest escape room and mindfulness technique experience. Come to Creating Hope for an afternoon of mindful thinking and stress reduction. You will have an hour to experience our Yin Yang Escape and attend a session following your escape that will help you apply the concepts implied within the experience and through use of our ZENYA self-help program. Cost $50  





Couples have control of the entire spa and use of all amenities. You get a bottle of wine and chocolates as well as a swag bag of treats to take home for more play after you stay. We have set up an escape experience that is very intimate and you decide together how deep you want to dive in. The Inn is full of sexual healing toys and exposure to things you may not have done together. Come enjoy the Sexy Dungeon if you successfully escape! 

Sexcapades $500 nightly- Can you Escape by fulfilling your lover’s fetishes and fantasies. Someone has invited you to spend the evening cluing in to each other’s wildest fantasies. If you unlock all the hidden fetishes and share your own fantasies you could solve a lot more future pleasures. Bring your wildest imagination and be ready to please and be pleasured for as long as it takes to unravel the mysteries that lay within your sexual desires. Prepare to spend the night with your partner or partners in this adventure and chillax for the remainder of your stay. We have written this escape so you can open up together. 

Damsel In Undress $400 nightly - What are you willing to Do to Escape this seductive dungeon. You chose the options you want for your evening, ranging from light to extreme BDSM. You also have the option to have a mystery or escape package included that is designed to intertwine with the options you chose for the dungeon. You and a partner or group can have the setting of either control and bondage or truth or dare interludes. Options include drawing and solving clues thru role play adventure or advanced set up can be personalized to fit your situational desires. (does not include escape game or wine – this is overnight with the use of the seductive dungeon) 

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